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Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ! Vote_lcap8%Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ! Vote_rcap
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Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ! Vote_lcap31%Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ! Vote_rcap
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 Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ!

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Pkm God

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Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ! Empty
PostSubject: Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ!   Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ! Icon_minitimeThu Apr 09, 2009 5:07 am

It has been over two years since the rules were created, and honestly, it became a hurricane aftermath. (Disorganization, confusion, even former staff posts) Now, the Pokémon Strategies & Movesets Rules are getting a fresh dose of organization and even some new rules, along with some extra clarification. Failure to obey these may result in infractions, you are expected to know these rules. If you do not understand something, don't hesitate to contact either Smarties-chan, Dark_Azelf, Anti, Get Out of My Honey Pot, Ursaring!, or myself.

Ground Rules

→ Follow all PokéCommunity Rules
Remember the Community Rules still apply, so please read and follow them. They're located → here.

→ Do NOT rate without proper knowledge
It's quite self-explanatory, yet unfortunately the rule is broken consistently. Failure to provide useful and helpful advice isn't helping anyone. If you're inexperienced and don't know how things work, you shouldn't lead the member down the wrong path. We understand you're trying to help, but you're not, so please... don't rate someone's team if you don't know what you're talking about. It's just like giving directions, if you don't know the way, don't give them directions that would get them lost. Consistent improper knowledge rates WILL lead to a red card.

→ When you make suggestions, back them up with REASON
Why should their Scizor run Superpower over Brick Break? Why should their Lucario be replaced with Machamp? You cannot assume the members you give rates to automatically know what you're suggesting. So when you propose a change, tell the member why, explain. If you yourself don't know, what are you doing rating teams? Show some understanding.

→ Be DETAILED with your suggestions
Obscure comments such as "You've got a major Gyarados weakness!" Well tell the sport why, and how might he go about changing said weakness? Explain your statements, inexperienced battlers won't know how to remedy the weakness. Tell them about that threat and what they should do to take care of it.

→ You MUST include description and general summary
In the past, we let Rate My Teams without any description slide, no longer is that the case. After every party member, tell us why it's in the team, how it works & contributes... just general summary. It's your team, you should know why you picked it and how it usually works.

→ "Ew, Heatran? You're not being original!"
These comments are complete and unwanted SPAM. So what if he's using an Overused Pocket Monster? You can't disapprove of a team member because they're common. So please, keep it to yourself and try to actually be helpful. We really don't care how much you hate Gengar, Blissey, etc.

→ This forum is NOT for number rates
"Hey man, this is a super special awesome team 10/10!!!" ...No. When you rate teams, you're providing solutions, suggestions, and general critique to improve the member's lineup. If you want to spam numbers, you're in the wrong place.

→ Teams must consist of SIX Pokémon
No more, no less. If not, post in the Request an Individual Moveset / Incomplete Team Help Thread. This includes Battle Tower teams, US Platinum release may result in the creation an individual thread for Battle Frontier teams and what not, but for now, post in Request a Team. Look, if you can think and post of five Pocket Monsters, you can add a sixth. If you have a couple of opinions for the last slot, explain such in your RMT. Or use the Request a Team Thread to narrow down those Pokémon.

→ This is a COMPETITIVE Pokémon forum
No in-game teams, period. Anything works, even six Plusle could work in-game, thus it's moot to post it here. Competitive only, if it's in-game, we will reject it.

→ Read the ENTIRE thread
(This includes replies) Simple, right? It should be. If you're not taking the time to read what the author wrote or what has been posted, you shouldn't be rating. You don't want to miss a point the author wrote, or duplicate what has been said. Pretty self-explanatory here people.

Other Requirements & Suggestions

→ Keep it in mind while rating...
As said earlier, your "job" is to help improve, point out flaws, and generally lead the member on a path to success. A general guideline when attempting to rate one's team is easy to follow. Keep it in mind while rating...

Can you see any potential threats?
How would you change the team to make it less vulnerable to the threats in question?
Does the team seem disjointed or lacking a central focus or strategy?
How would you change the team to make it more unified or to make it better execute its central focus or strategy?
Is there a Pokémon that is almost completely outclassed by another that should be replaced?
What impact does your change have? Does it open up new weaknesses?
Review the changes you have made to the team and summarize the rationale behind these changes.
And also noticing general problems like terrible EV spreads and fixing them.
Also when rating, it's more about pointing out threats than type weakness. "Wow, 3 of your Pokémon are weak to fire so watch out!" even when your other three Pokémon are like Vaporeon, Heatran, and Swampert (resist fire). This is not good, and should not be done. Basically what you're doing is stating the obvious, which is not helping. So name threats, not individual types. Now, if the entire team is weak to fire, of course you can mention it, but otherwise work around the Pokémon, not type. This is rate my TEAM, not rate the reply! It's okay to point out a flaw in another rate if it leads to bettering the overall team. If two raters are just bickering about a rate you're not helping anything. If it's a rate without proper knowledge, report it and move on! It's not that hard guys & gals.

→ Teams are REQUIRED to list EVs, Items, Natures, Ability (if it has more than one) and the obvious four moves
This is a moderated forum, meaning, threads must be approved by S&M staff before it shows up. As the rule says, you're required to have these in your thread for every Pokémon. If not, there's no chance you'll get it through.

→ Titles
More of a suggestion than a requirement. You should at least tell the metagame it's in (OU, UU, Little Cup, Uber, etc) and what generation. Is it Platinum? Diamond & Pearl? It's generally recommended you give that information in titles.

→ Recommended Format
To keep threads organized and neat, follow this format. (Obviously, we'll accept other formats if they're clean and just keep things together) If your thread is in a terrible format, don't expect an approval stamp.
Pokémon @ Item
Trait (If required)
- Move 1
- Move 2
- Move 3
- Move 4

→ Use the STICKIES to your ADVANTAGE
I can't stress this enough, use our stuck threads. There are so many times... member runs into this forum, clicks new thread without reading anything, and submits a team they made thinking at breakfast. Spammed and sloppy, something I couldn't even call a "team." We have important threads stuck for a reason, use them! Unsure about a moveset, need help selecting more party members, or maybe just need assistance on a simple EV spread? Go to the Request an Individual Moveset / Incomplete Team Help Thread! Want to ask a question? Simple Q&A Thread. They're there to help you, use them!

→ Use proper grammar and spelling
If you can't spell things correctly, it makes threads very confusing. This rule should be obvious, but since we reject so many "i r uyr cuonter" threads, had to be said. Improper grammar won't help your chances of getting your thread approved.

→ Learn to take criticism.
Really this isn't that hard to do. When you post a team or moveset you must have an open mind and if there are problems, people WILL point these out, so prepare for it. Simply saying "No, your suggestions to my team are awful" or thinking that your team is the best and cannot be possibly made better is the wrong way to go about things. Even if you don't particularly like a suggestion, still acknowledge them and take them into account. However since it is your RMT you don't have to implement them, but please learn to take criticism or really... don't bother posting. Simple as that, you're wasting raters & the staff's time by being ultimately stubborn, and why in the world are you posting an RMT if you think it's perfect? Obviously there are exceptions to this, for example if the suggestions are blatantly horrid, aka "PU7 HYP3R BEAM ON UR BLISSEY ITZ AWSUM" you can then state your disgruntlement about this.

→ Stick to a maximum of two active RMT threads
Simple enough, to avoid people clogging up the pages with numerous threads, keep it to two (preferably one, but if you have a second one you just have to post, go ahead). If you post a new one and you already have two active RMTs up, expect the older of the two to be locked

Again, to prevent an onslaught of SPAM & terrible non-rule-reading threads from being posted, we have an approval system. (Moderator must approve before it shows up) Listen sport, stop freaking out. If 24 hours pass and your thread hasn't been approved, then most likely it was rejected. Don't come crying to us... why? All you need to follow to get a thread approved is in this thread! If you still can't find out what's wrong, you're more than free to contact me and then pinpoint your mistake(s).
→ Simplicity is key
No annoying CSS in your thread. Keep it simple and readable.

...And that's all folks, remember you can contact S&M staff if you need anything. Very Happy Thanks everyone

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Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ!   Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ! Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 3:43 am


Heat Wave
Rock Slide


Crunch..Thunderbolt...Iron Tale..and Thunder wave


Calm Mind, Psychic, Magical Leaf/Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball.


Iron head, Aerial Ace, Agility, and Roost / X-Scissor


hydrocannon, focus blast, flash cannon, and ice beam

Im just posting this for help for other people
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Strategies & Movesets Rules | Inportant | READ!
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