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 Request an Individual Moveset / Incomplete Team Help Thread

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PostSubject: Request an Individual Moveset / Incomplete Team Help Thread   Thu Apr 09, 2009 5:03 am

This thread is for individual pokemon (aka asking for sets, ev spreads etc and stuff that does not warrant its own thread) and help with incomplete teams which you maybe need a bit of guidance or advice with.

Requesting an entire team is not permitted, as it is impossible for team makers to take into account playing styles and personal preferences, which usually makes for an unsuccessful team. However, you can ask for guidance on team building (e.g unsure of which pokes to add or a half completed team etc), just do not expect all the work done for you, at least give us something to work with. Yes, this means you should post natures, moves, items, evs etc. for your incompleted teams too, or again we cant do anything and you will be ingnored.

You should also use this thread for double battle teams.

Remember, competitive movesets/teams only!
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Request an Individual Moveset / Incomplete Team Help Thread
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