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 Wild Encounters

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PostSubject: Wild Encounters   Wed Apr 08, 2009 5:58 pm

Wild Encounters

Welcome to the Wild Encounters section. Within this section, you have the power to catch Pokémon and defeat Pokémon for EXP points. To find out how the battle system works, go to the How to Play section. Now, before you go heading off to the How to Play section, let me explain some basic stuff. To start encountering wild Pokémon, you must be in a place where wild Pokémon appear. Pokémon do not appear in towns nor cities. You can only catch certain Pokémon in certain places. To find out which Pokémon appear in the place you are in, you can find it out in the How to Play section. Simply click How to Play, then click Pokémon Locations and then scroll down to the region your in and then the place your at and see which Pokémon appear there and how rare they are to find in that place! A ref will then come and state what Pokémon you found, it's level, and it's gender. (The level depends on where you are). Then you... oh, to find out more, you'll have to read the How to Play section. Good luck on catching Pokémon.
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Wild Encounters
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