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PostSubject: PokéDaycare   Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:53 pm


Welcome to the PokéDaycare section. Here is a wonderful place to leave your Pokémon if you have trouble with them, or have no time for training them. Every day you leave your Pokémon in the daycare, it will cost you $100 for each Pokémon inside the daycare. You can leave up to two Pokémon inside the daycare at once. If you leave two Pokémon inside the daycare long enough, (at least a day) they may breed and produce an egg. (Keeping in mind their must be a female and a male inside). Every three days you leave a Pokémon inside the daycare, it will grow a level. So for example, I leave a Catapie [Lvl 3] [Male] inside the daycare, if I want to leave it for 9 days, I will wait that long. When I come back to the daycare 9 days later, I will collect my Catapie which will now be Lvl 6. I would also need to pay $900. So, it's that simple! All you need to do is to post which of your Pokémon you are leaving, their level, and their gender. Then, state how long you are going to leave it for and how much it all comes up to. Remember leaving two Pokémon who have different genders may lead into breeding which the female may produce an egg which you get to keep for free! So, get going!
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