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PostSubject: Ready to Join   Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:48 pm

Ready to Join

Welcome to Ready to Join section. In this section you can start to play the RPG. Before you read on, there's something we need to be sure about. Make sure you have read and fully understand the RPG by reading the How to Play section and the rules. Anyway, if you do understand everything, you can fill out the application below and then start playing the RPG. Copy the application out and then paste it on a new topic in this section and then fill it in. When you have posted your application. Wait for a member of staff to review it, and they will state all the problems with it and what you need to do to it. When it is accpeted, your Biography will have been created and then you can start playing! You can view the application below.


Trainer Name: (The name of your trainer)
Trainer Picture: (The picture of your trainer) must be a human not a pokemon
Trainer Gender: (Your trainer's gender) male or female
Trainer Class: (Your trainers class) read trainer classes in how to play
Starting Region: (Your trainers starting region) either Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh
Starter Pokémon: (The Pokémon you start with) read trainer classes in how to play
Pokémon Nickname: (Your starting Pokémon's nickname)
Pokémon Gender: (Your Pokémon's gender) male or female
Where did you hear about us: (How did you find this game?)
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Ready to Join
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