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 Season 12 - Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Platinum (2009-2010)

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Season 12 - Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Platinum (2009-2010) Empty
PostSubject: Season 12 - Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Platinum (2009-2010)   Season 12 - Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Platinum (2009-2010) Icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 2:07 pm

"Yokan and Rotom!"

Professor Oak recommends, to the gang, a hotel, as it serves a special dessert called Yokan. The group goes to the hotel immediately, but they're sad to see the hotel is closed. When they are about to turn back and leave, the doors open by themselves. The group walks inside, where they see a microwave oven. Ash and Pikachu stare at the mysterious microwave oven, and it suddenly attacks!

"The Way to Befriend Pokemon?"

While waiting for the Canalave Gym Leader to return, Ash and his Pokémon train to pass the time. Dawn also starts practicing with her newly-evolved Piloswine's for a Super Contest. Unfortunately, Piloswine doesn't obey her orders at all which upsets Dawn. Then the group discovers a poster advertising a "Pokémon Friendship School" but not knowing that it was organized by Team Rocket. Dawn's Piloswine evolves into Mamoswine while in a cage with other pokemon, but after Mamoswine defeats Team Rocket.

"Rampard VS Trideps!!"

The Gym Leader of Canalave City, Byron, and his son Roark, the Gym Leader of Oreburgh City, use Pokémon revived from fossils. Byron uses Bastiodon and Roark uses Rampardos. Both think they like fossils more than the other and end up battling. Then Ash, who has heard of Byron's return, comes to ask for a Gym Battle.

"Mio Gym Match! Steel Battle!"

Ash's long-awaited Gym Battle with Byron begins. Ash decides to use Chimchar, Buizel and Gliscor against Bronzor, Steelix and Bastiodon. He tries to dominate the battle with Fire attacks, but Byron's defense-oriented battling style prevents him from dealing much damage. His Chimchar eventually defeats Bronzor but Buizel quickly loses to Steelix. Ash uses Chimchar again against Steelix and triumphs, but next Byron uses Bastiodon and defeats Chimchar. Ash then uses Gliscor, Gliscor learned to use "Fire Fang" and after a tough battle, Ash and Gliscor emerge victorious, and are awarded the Canalave City Gym badge and Ash's sixth Sinnoh badge.

"The Stray Hoeruko!"

A Luxio appears and begins to steal food from Ash and co.! Ash chases it into the sewer to find it is giving the food to a Wailmer who is trapped and can't get back to the ocean. Meanwhile, Dawn and Brock are unable to get to Ash because Team Rocket damaged the manhole.

"Gen and Lucario!"

Ash and friends go to Iron Island after a call from Jun. He needs help with his Empoleon and some other Pokémon who've begun to act out violently. They go to help him and find all the Steel-type Pokémon going crazy, and fighting amongst themselves and other Pokémon...

"Ruins of Steel Island"

A man named Riley, who had rescued Ash and his friends from the Steel Pokémon's attacks, and his partner Lucario are both "aura users" who are able to manipulate their "aura". With their help, Ash and the others figure out that the cause of all the Pokémon's outbursts are some low-frequency waves that are being emitted after an accident. Ash and his friends search for the source of these waves..

"The Pikachu-Pochama Drifting Chronicle!"

While riding the boat with Ash and his friends that takes them to Akebi Town, Pikachu and Piplup are kidnapped by Team Rocket inside the ship. After they escape, the Pokémon find themselves washed ashore on an uninhabited island. Will they be able to return to Ash and the others safely?

"The Mischievous Phione!"

Dawn has arrived at Akebi Town, the site of her next Pokémon Contest. A lot of tourists have come to the town in order to catch a glimpse of a wild "Sea Drifter Pokémon", Phione, a Pokémon who lives in the surrounding sea and is said to bring good luck to whoever it sees. Without delay, Dawn joins everyone else in their "Phione Watching".

"Pokémon Contest! Akebi Tournament!!"

Dawn finally enters the Akebi Town contest along with Jessie's alter ego Jessilina and a new rival, Urara, and her Wormadam and Gabite. When she meets Urara, she's a bit cocky and very rude towards Dawn (like Harley was mean to May). Dawn uses Buneary in the first round and her Pachirisu, who has learned a new move "Super Fang" in the second round. Dawn faces off against Urara and her Gabite in the finals. Urara gets a big starting lead then Dawn makes a comeback and wins the Akebi Town ribbon and her fourth ribbon.

"Wild Junsa and Her Partner Perappu!"

Ash, Dawn and Brock come across with an Officer Jenny with a Chatot. In the beginning of the episode Officer Jenny performs a forward somersalt in the air in order to save Pikachu. She uses a bowling ball to get the criminals.

"Yukimenoko In A Snowstorm!!"

The Gang gets lost in the woods during a snowstorm and meet a Froslass looking for her Snorunt. While helping her find it they meet a trainer with a Glalie who wants Snorunt. Will Ash and gang save the Snorunt or will this trainer have a new Pokemon?

"Roketto Dan Break Up!?"

After another failed attack, Team Rocket wind up at a Ramen shop. There, Jessie and James are surprised when they discover that the shop owner was one of their underclassmen from their days at the Team Rocket training facility.

"PokéRinger! Big Decisive Sky Battle!!"

Ash & Co. arrive in Wind Town & the PokeRinger Competition Returns, With Paul returning to use his Honchkrow, Ash decides to use Staravia. James uses Jessie's Yanmega. Ash and Paul face each other in the finals. But after Staravia is overpowered by Honchkrow, Staravia evolves into Staraptor, learning Close Combat. Ash ends up winning the PokeRinger competition.

"Clash! Manmu VS Bosugodora!!"

Dawn wants to use Mamoswine in her next contest so she does some training and she meets a stray Aggron who Dawn battles to increase Mamoswine's power.

"Mysterious Creatures: Pocket Monsters!"

This episode is a recap of all that has happened from the start to day that the episode aired.

"The Lonely Yukikabli!"

Ash's Grotle learns Rock Climb.

"Evolution! This Time for Pochama!?"

Dawn's Piplup decides not to evolve and Nurse Joy gives Dawn an Everstone.

"Pokémon Contest! Tatsunami Convention!"

Nothing yet

"Pokémon PingPong Competition! Etebosu Perseveres!!"

Nothing Yet

"Cherinbo! Brave Battle!?"

Nothing yet
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Season 12 - Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Platinum (2009-2010)
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