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 Information: Challenging a Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Information: Challenging a Gym Leader   Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:07 pm

Challenging a Gym Leader

Eventually you are going to enter a city with a gym, you can decide wether you do, or do not want to challenge a Gym Leader. How ever if you do not, you will only be able to catch weak pokemon. You can read how to challenge a Gym Leader in the gym battles section, but how a gym battle works is different. You will need a ref and a mod or admin, any mod or admin can act as a Gym Leader The battle conditions will be stated and debated, the the battle may begin as an ordinary PvP (player vs player) battle. After the battle all EXP will be updated as well as the new Gym Badge, the wager and the TM earned. When new Gym Badges are aquired one may catch stronger pokemon as well as aquiring new badges, one must have the badge that comes before otherwise they will not be able to aquire any others, so don't skip gyms!

New badges allow stronger pokemon to be caught, but how stronger? This will make it easy to determine. The numbers are the levels of the pokemon allowed to be caught with the number of badges.

N0 Badges 2-6
1 Badge 5-13
2 Badges 9-17
3 Badges 19-21
4 Badges 22-27
5 Badges 25-32
6 Badges 30-36
7 Badges 40-50
8 Badges 45-60
After deafeating the Elite Four you can only catch Lv. 70 pokemon, you cannot catch common pokemon anymore, uncommon pokemon become common and rare pokemon become uncommon, staff approval will not be needed at all.
When a evolved form pokemon eg. pidgeotto, is found, it may be up to 2 levels higher than allowed. Eg. If you have 2 badges and you find an arbok, then it may be from Lv. 9-19, but if its an ekans then only from 9-17.
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Information: Challenging a Gym Leader
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