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 Information: Battling Other Player

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PostSubject: Information: Battling Other Player   Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:05 pm

In Pokemon Party there will be plenty of pokemon battles, so I should explain how that works.
In a battle you and an opponment will exchange attacks untill eventually one pokemon faints, you will also need a ref to decide what happened during the battle and to calculate the damage done. One must take into consideration pokemon's types and levels when calculating damage. Also when battling both players must be in the same location, wether it be a town, city or in the wild, two people cannot battle eachother if they are in different locations.



Player2: I will battle you! [must be in same location]

Moderator: I'll ref! [ref does not have to be in same location]

Player1: Rules: 1 on 1 battle, no items and ¥1000 bet [must state wager and conditions]

Player2: Okay then! I accept your terms, lets start! [you can also negociate terms if you do not agree]

Player1: Go Chimchar Lv. 5 M! use scratch! [must state level and gender of used pokemon and command them, they must also know a move for you to command them to do it eg. chimchar cannot do ember yet so I can't say chimchar use ember]

Player2: Go Donphan Lv. 7 M! use rapid spin!

Moderator: Chimchar ran at the Donphan preparing for a scratch, Donphan was getting into perfect position to rapid spin at Chimchar. Chimchar managed to scratch Donphan but the armour on Donphan's head protected it from taking severe damage! Donphan used rapid spin and smacked Chimchar right across the face at lightning speed! The attack was a critical hit! [the ref can decide wether the atk was critcal is he/she wants, also you can be creative when reffing you don't have to be boring and standard but must be fair!]



[ref must keep track of the health of both pokemon]

Player1: Argh! Go Chimchar full power scratch! [SOMETIMES motivation can help pokemon do critical hits, only SOMETIMES, like a 10% chance]

Player2: HA! Donphan good work, dodge his attack then use horn attack to gore Chimchar into the air then use fire fang as he comes down! [one may use combos of 2 attacks, although they may not always work or the pokemon might not listen, telling a pokemon to dodge an attack gives a small chance of the pokemon actually dodging but it is never a sure thing]

Moderator: Chimchar had blazes in his eyes as he ran towards Donphan and quickly scratched Donphan as it tried to dodge! Donphan was sent spinning around the place getting very dizzy, it tried to use horn attack but just slammed into a tree and hurt itself and became confused!

Donphan-50% CONFUSED


Player2: IMPOSSIBLE!! Donphan use rapid spin on that rock over there to break it, then rapid spin again to hit the shards at Chimchar! [one can use the environment to his/her advantage]

Player1: OH NO! Chimchar try to hide! Then come out when Donphan isn't looking and continuously use scratch!

Moderator: Donphan crashed the rock to smallish sharp pieces and shot them all at Chimchar! Chimchar ducked to safety but the tree he was hiding behind wasn't able to withstand to attack and protect Chimchar, so the rock barrage fell upon Chimchar, the rocks were super effective against Chimchar and knocked him unconcious!

Donphan gained 2.5 EXP!! [after trainer, gym and wild battles the winner gains EXP, you do not gain EXP during tournaments see EXP system]

Player1: darn!

Player2: Only those superior win! now pay up!

[after a battle both player's bios will be updated and the data will be adjusted]
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Information: Battling Other Player
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