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 Information:How to Play

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PostSubject: Information:How to Play   Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:31 pm

What is Pokemon RPG

Pokemon RPG is a role-playing game where you and your pokemon set out on an adventure around whichever region you choose battling wild and catching pokemon, battling other trainers and Gym Leaders to build your career to become a pokemon expert, but you must first know how to play the game, and of course, get started.

How To Play

Pokemon RPG is a play by post role-play, if you don't already know what that is then I will explain. It means that you play the game by posting in a forum what you and your pokemon will do eg. Dan walked out of his house and came upon and old man who gave him a pokemon. Of course the only old man that will give you a pokemon is the professer of whatever region you are in. So basically I'm trying to say that instead of getting a map and just clicking around, possibily is infinite, because you are not limited by a computer program but only by your own imagination.

Getting Started

Well before you can go around with your pokemon having all sorts of fun and such you must join the game first, this is how it works.
First read everything in How To Play, positions, battling etc.
Then you need to go to the Ready To Join section and create a joining application (read the information topics)
After you have made your application you need to wait for a mod or admin to happen to take interest in your application and take a look at it, and if it meets all the standards and has valid information then you will be accepted and a mod or admin will create your biography.
(Your biography is needed to keep track of what pokemon you have caught and you location in your region, it also keep track of your pokemon's growth and items you have obtained as well as badges, you cannot create your own bio, it must be created for you)

What next?

After being accepted you may ask, "What next?". I will answer that for you. After your application has been accepted you will obviously need to start travelling to catch pokemon so what you need to do is go to either Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh Region and read the topic How To Travel, you also cannot give yourself pokemon eg. On route 1 Shero found a Mareep and took it home, it was Lv. 40. THAT IS NOT ALLOWED! The only pokemon you can say you recieved is your starter, and it must be Lv. 5.
After starting your journey you will need to continue it (duh!). Now you should go to Wild Encounters and begin battling! In the topic heading state your location and your name (you cannot start battling untill your biography states you are in that location). Then in the topic say what you are doing and how you came upon a pokemon eg. Shero was walking down Route 1 when a ________ came out from the trees!. A ref will come and state what pokemn was found, its level and gender, then the battle will begin. You may also catch pokemon, but you need to weaken it first (a captured pokemon cannot be used untill it has been updated to your bio, a mod will inform you in your topic wether the pokemon has been updated or not) ! After you are done in that Route you must add 'finished' to the topic heading so that a mod will know to come and update your progress. When you reach a town the at the end of the topic you must stae which town you are going into and when you start a new wild topic ou must state which town you are leaving (you can only buy items when in a town, the town specification is not relevant). When traveling from place to place you should write it in your journey in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh eg. After writing the begginning say that you moved to Route 1 and then you go to Wild ENcounter, then once you're done there say that you went to Viridan City and so on. If you are entering a town or city with a Gym in it then you must of course again state which town it is you are entering and adding finished to the topic, but also you must go to Gym Battles and challenge the Gym Leader to a battle, they will accept or decline your challenge. After a Gym Battle you may continue to the next Route. Don't forget to read the other help topics!
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Information:How to Play
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